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The best ever race in the champ (400 points per race!) was at Lowe's speedway (26.12.2006). With only 31 drivers Oleksa came to the finish with the 15th place and has won another title of Saloman of the race. Buka was close to him (17th place) and Trautman's car wasn't as good as usual and he had 20th place at the finish. In Driver standings Oleksa is now 16th with 632 points (3 positions up), Trautman is 19th with 614 points (3 pos. up) and Buka is 29th with 514 points (2 pos. up). Rookie standings: Oleksa - 3rd place, Trautman - 5th place and Buka - 9th place. In Team standings Salo came close to Heavy Metal. Now only 26 points are between them!
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Yep, that was a good race for us, but we need more!

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