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The race at Uqejy brought us bad results. Buka, the best this weekend was 19th, while Trautman was penalized to 33rd place and Oleksa didn't take part because of technical problems of his car. So, Buka was the Saloman of the race. Unfortunately, Salo Racing has now 134 points back Team Heavy Metal. In Drivers standings the best now became Trautman with his 22nd place with 816 points (1 pos.down), Buka now is 25th with 758 points (2 pos. up) and Oleksa is only 26th with 756 points (11th pos. down!). In Rookie standings Trautman is 5th, next to him are Buka and Oleksa. In Phoenix, we hope, the team drivers will do all they can to improve this situation.
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Sorry, guys, I made a race, which allowed me to be 29th, but I sent it to the wrong e-mail adress... Because of me Salo lost 120 points... Really sorry.

Ah, don't be upset. I also missed one race. The first one.

Sorry to see you miss out on technincalities, Oleksa. We're having a good fight in the Grascar team-standings, and now we gained the upper hand due to a typing error... Our curse seems to be penalties;)

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