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WorldRacing Formula
There were three races in the champ last two weeks. In Daytona Oleksa was Saloman of the race with 8th place at finish (11th place in qualification), Buka was 12th both in qualy and race.
In Le Mans Buka was much better with 6th place at finish (9th in qualy) and recieved the title of Saloman of the race while Oleksa started and finished th race at 13th unlucky place.
In Australian city Adelaide Buka qualified 13th, but he couldn't start because of breakage of the car. And Oleksa, who started 8th and finished 9th, have won the title of Saloman of the race.
In team standing Salo Racing has comfortable 6th place with 33 points. In Drivers standings Oleksa has 21 point like Reckdal and SPFC, but have only 11th place, worse than they. Buka has 12 points and 13th unlucky place.
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Oh Salo Racing! You are incredible cry

Yes, we ARE incredible! cool I hope to see you in Salo Racing in the nearest future.

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