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The last three races of the championship were really hard for the team. In Dover and TriOval only Trautman and Buka took part because of technical problems with Oleksa's car. Buka was penalized both times and Trautman have won the title of Saloman of the race twice! In the last race all the three drivers were on the start. Tinnywille circuit was lucky the most to Buka as he placed 17th while Oleksa was 20th and Trautman was 26th. So, Buka has won another title of Saloman of the race.

In the final standings Trautman has the highest position in the team as he is 21st with 1430 points and 12 races made. He has won the title of Saloman of the championship! Buka finished the champ at the 24th place with 1346 points and 11 races. Oleksa was only 29th with 1134 points as he made only 9 races.

Salo Racing made its first GRASCAR season on the 7th place with 3910 points while their main competitor Team Heavy Metal (Ozmont , Jimmy, Kory Miller) got 4204 points.

In Rookie standings Trautman has 5th place, Buka - 6th and Oleksa - 8th.

It is interesting to notice that all the three drivers have won the title of Saloman of the race 4 times per driver.

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Thanks for a good season guys!

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