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GeneRally LeMans Series
The first race of GRLMS was hold this weekend in Interlagos. Team Salo Racing brought its Dodge Viper and three pilots to Brazilia in order to win.
But there were 9 more teams that wanted the same thing.
At the start there were 4 LMPs and 6 GT cars.
Oleksa drove the first stint and he was not so good, as Raska (Team Esperanza) and Reckdal (Unity Works) were much better. After stint 1 it was more than a minute between Unity and Salo.
Then Trautman took the steering wheel in his hands and he managed to be second among GTs and to decrease the gap between Unity and Salo to 6 seconds. But the race stewards were sure that Salo's Viper was not fully legal at stint 2 and they gave our car a 15 seconds penalty.
The third stint was driven by Buka. Though he was the best among Salo drivers and got a Saloman of the Race title, but it wasn't enough to beat Unity.
So, Salo finished 7th in General Standings and 3rd in GT Standings 11 secs behind Unity Works. We consider that it is a great success, but we can race much better, so our Dodge Viper is now prepared by our crew to the next race in Sebring in April.
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