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A short review of several races...
In Bristol Oleksa was 10th both in qualy and race.
In Moscow he was 7th in qualy but couldn't make his car to move at the satrt. In result he was just 12th.
In Laguna Seca there was just the same problem - 12th in qualy and DNS in race.
At Lausitzring there was a misunderstanding with stewards, so Oleksa was just 10th in qualy (instead of 5th place he deserved by the results) and 7th in race (instead of 4th place).
At Elkhart Lake - 11th both in qualy and race.
In Magny Course Buka returned as his car was repaired after big test crash 6 weeks ago... So in qualy Oleksa was 6th and Buka 7th, and in race Buka finished 5th, while Oleksa -9th.
In Drivers Standings Oleksa is now 11th (37 points) and Buka is 13th (22 points).
In Team Standings Salo is 7th (59 points).
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Yeah, my Formula is OK now and I'll do all the best to help Salo gather points enough to be better then now!

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