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East European Open
The first race of EEO:S2 was held this weekend in the small town of Grunzhausen. 20 drivers all over the world took their Ferraris here.
And 6 of them were Salo drivers!
Trautman and Oleksa drove for the main team, Pava and Tizio represented junior team of Salo, while Buka and Reckdal drove Ferraris of Salo Sport.
In qualy Tizio was 7th, Buka - 9th, Reckdal -12th, Trautman - 14th, Oleksa 15th and Pava - 19th.
The race (and qualy) was won by brazilian JR Zullo, followed by Murano and Rich.K.
In race Tizio improved his position and finished 6th, gaining the third Saloman of the Race title in three races for Salo. Salo Sport drivers were 10th and 11th, Oleksa and Trautman were 13th and 14th, while Pava's Ferrari 125 didn't allow him to get higher than 17 th position.
In Team Standings Salo Junior is 6th (15 points), Salo Sport is 7th (12 points) and Salo Racing is only 10th (5 points).
See you in two weeks at Capello. Hope to see better results by all Salo drivers. Though in EEO world best drivers take part, but we can beat them!
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Congrats to Tizio, who became the top Salo driver and the ideal for the youth drivers from Ukraine. Though he's not Ukrainian, but Salo is absolutely for him!

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