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East European Open
Capello was the place were the second part of EEO took place.
There were 17 cars this time - 17 Ferraris, driven by 17 world-best pilots.
This race was a one-actor-show as the qualy and the race were won by Rich.K with big advantage. Besides, the fastest lap in race also was taken by fast British.
Salo drivers were also good enough: in qualy Reckdal was 5th, Tizio - 7th, Buka was 10th, Oleksa had the 11th spot of the start field, Trautman was 15th and Pava became 17th.
At the finish of the race Reckdal was the 7th - the best among Salo pilots, Tizio finished 8th, Oleksa -10th, Buka - 11th, while Trautman and Pava, who experienced problems with their Ferraris during the whole weekend, were the 16th and the 17th at the finish of the race.
In Drivers Standings, which is leaded by Rich.K (58 pts), Tizio is now 7th (26 pts), followed by Reckdal (18 pts), Buka has the 10th place (12 pts) and Oleksa is just behind him (10 pts), Trautman is 16th (2 pts) while Pava has the 18th place.
In Team Standings Salo Sport has 30 points (58 pts behind the leader Team RKR) and is now 6th, followed by Salo Junior (26 pts). Salo Racing has 12 points and the 9th place.
The next event will be the night race in MsCity.
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