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GeneRally LeMans Series
The second race of GRLMS took place at Sebring.
There were only 7 cars this time and, of course, Salo Racing was among them.
Salo Racing worked hard during the pre-race month to prepare its Viper for the race in Sebring. The team team found that their car was far to be competitive compared to the Esperanza's Viper, and they decided to do some modifications. Trautman did tests of the new car.
At the first stint Salo's Viper was driven by Oleksa. Though he trained hard before the race, but he couldn't get higher then 3rd in GT and 5th overall. Besides, he got a little penalty.
Trautman at the second stint managed to be better then Unity and after his stint Salo was 3 seconds in front of Unity Works GT.
But at the third stint Recdal of Unity and Raska of Esperanza did their best, so even Buka, who got the title of Saloman of the Race, couldn't prevent them to overtake Salo.
But thanks to Esperanza's LMP failure Salo finished this race 4th, though it means only 3rd place in GT class.
The GT standings after Sebring is lead by Team Esperanza (18 points), folowed by Unity Works GT (12 pts), Salo Racing (8 pts), Russian X Team (6 pts) and two cars of BOLT Racing.
The next race is a legendary LeMans!
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