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East European Open
The fourth event was held on streets of La Habana. Only Salo Sport was in the whole squad. Pava and Trautman didn't get visas to Cuba. The best of Salo's racers was Reckdal, who was the 5th both in qualy and race and got the title of Saloman of the race. Buka was 6th in the qualy, Tizio was only 8th and technical problems of Oleksa's Ferrari allowed him to be only 13th. Rich.K won this race, while Buka was passed by Tony and finished at the 7th place, Tizio finished in a moment behind him. Oleksa stayed on his 13th place till the finish of the race.

Rich.K almost won this champ (118 points). Tizio is still the best among Salomen with 52 pts, Reckdal and Buka are not very far from him (44 and 29 pts). Oleksa is still 13th (15 pts), Trautman - 17th (5 pts) and Pava - 18th.
In Team standings Salo Sport is now 5th with 73 pts (more then 100 pts behind the leader: Team RKR). Salo Junior is 7th with 52 pts and Salo Racing is at 9th place (20 pts).

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