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The second race of GRLMS took place at Sebring.
There were only 7 cars this time and, of course, Salo Racing was among them.
Salo Racing worked hard during the pre-race month to prepare its Viper for the race in Sebring. The team team found that their car was far to be competitive compared to the Esperanza's Viper, and they decided to do some modifications. Trautman did tests of the new car.
At the first stint Salo's Viper was driven by Oleksa. Though he trained hard before the race, but he couldn't get higher then 3rd in GT and 5th overall. Besides, he got a little penalty.
Trautman at the second stint managed to be better then Unity and after his stint Salo was 3 seconds in front of Unity Works GT.
But at the third stint Recdal of Unity and Raska of Esperanza did their best, so even Buka, who got the title of Saloman of the Race, couldn't prevent them to overtake Salo.
But thanks to Esperanza's LMP failure Salo finished this race 4th, though it means only 3rd place in GT class.
The GT standings after Sebring is lead by Team Esperanza (18 points), folowed by Unity Works GT (12 pts), Salo Racing (8 pts), Russian X Team (6 pts) and two cars of BOLT Racing.
The next race is a legendary LeMans!
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The third event of EEO was a very unusual race - it was night race in MsCity.
The qualy was won by Tony, while our Salo drivers were: Tizio - 6th, Reckdal - 9th, Buka - 10th, Trautman - 12th and Oleksa - 15th.
Tony was the first at the finish of such a frightening race of 17 kamikazes on the dark streets of MsCity, followed by Rich.K,, JR Zullo and Murano. Just after them Tizio finished (6th), Reckdal was 9th, Buka finished 12th, Trautman has 13th place and Oleksa - 14th.
Drivers Standings is led by British driver Rich.K (84 pts). Tizio is 6th (41 points), Reckdal is at the 8th place with 27 pts, Buka has 16 pts and is 10th, Oleksa is 13th (12 pts), Trautman is 17th (5 points) and Pava is at the 18th place.
In Team Standings the undiscussable leader is Team RKR (119 points). Salo Sport has 43 pts and is 6th, two points behind there is Salo Junior, and Salo Racing is at the 8th place (17 points).
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The third race was hold in Curitiba: Oleksa was 14th and got 2 points.
But the fourth stage in Germany was much better: Oleksa finished 3rd just 0,02s behind the winner. Nice to see a podium for Salo! Buka in this race was 24th.
In Drivers Standings Oleksa is now 13th (18 points) and Salo is 9th in Team Satndings.
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The fourth event of GRC was a long race in Apasta.
In this hard race our prominent driver Tizio was 4th. The race was won by Brazilian girl Shynha.
Tizio lost his leadership in Drivers Standings - now he is 2nd (42 pts) - 1 point down Shynha.
In Team Standings Salo Racing is still 3rd.
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Short review of several last races.
In Jeres Buka was 7th in qualy and race.
At Brands Hatch circuit Oleksa had a very good race: he was 3rd at the starting field and finished 2nd.
At Michigan International Speedway Oleksa was 5th at the start and 6th at the finish line.
In Drivers Standings Oleksa is 10th (61 pts) and Buka is 14th (28 pts).
In Team Standings Salo Racing is 7th (89 points).
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The second event of HBC in Channel Resort was a total disappointment for Salo fans: Oleksa was 21st and Buka was 23rd among 25 drivers. Still no points neither in Drivers nor in Team Standings.
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The third round of GeneRally Rookie Championship, which was held this weekend at Kuzma track did not bring us a new podium as we expected. Brilliant Salo pilot Tizio was 4th this time while Pava finished 14th. But nevertheless Tizio remains the leader of the Drivers Standings having 33 points (4 pts in front of Coulthard) and Salo Racing is 3rd in Team Standings (16 pts behind the leader - SPFC Racing Team).
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In World Ranking Salo Racing is now 19th among teams (2419.85 points).
Salo Racing took part in 55 events (3 victories, 9 podiums, 22 top 5, 48 top 10, 2 best laps) and 5 championships.

7 drivers drove Salo's cars:
- 1°) Buka (UKR) : 900.36 points, 50 events, 2 victories, 7 podiums, 15 top 5, 32 top 10, 2 best laps, 2 DQ.
- 2°) Oleksa (UKR) : 691.08 points, 31 events, best result : 6°, 12 top 10.
- 3°) Trautman (ITA) : 426.70 points, 14 events, best result : 7°, 1 top 10.
- 4°) Pava (UKR) : 164.68 points, 18 events, best result : 4°, 4 top 5, 9 top 10.
- 5°) Tizio (ITA) : 112.98 points, 4 events, best result : 2°, 2 podiums, 3 top 5, 4 top 10.
- 6°) Robylu (ITA) : 90.97 points, 8 events, 1 victory, 3 podiums, 6 top 5, 8 top 10.
- 7°) Reckdal (BRA) : 33.08 points, 1 event, best result : 11°.

So, the Saloman of March is ... Buka! (as he gathered the most points for Salo in March). Congrats!

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Capello was the place were the second part of EEO took place.
There were 17 cars this time - 17 Ferraris, driven by 17 world-best pilots.
This race was a one-actor-show as the qualy and the race were won by Rich.K with big advantage. Besides, the fastest lap in race also was taken by fast British.
Salo drivers were also good enough: in qualy Reckdal was 5th, Tizio - 7th, Buka was 10th, Oleksa had the 11th spot of the start field, Trautman was 15th and Pava became 17th.
At the finish of the race Reckdal was the 7th - the best among Salo pilots, Tizio finished 8th, Oleksa -10th, Buka - 11th, while Trautman and Pava, who experienced problems with their Ferraris during the whole weekend, were the 16th and the 17th at the finish of the race.
In Drivers Standings, which is leaded by Rich.K (58 pts), Tizio is now 7th (26 pts), followed by Reckdal (18 pts), Buka has the 10th place (12 pts) and Oleksa is just behind him (10 pts), Trautman is 16th (2 pts) while Pava has the 18th place.
In Team Standings Salo Sport has 30 points (58 pts behind the leader Team RKR) and is now 6th, followed by Salo Junior (26 pts). Salo Racing has 12 points and the 9th place.
The next event will be the night race in MsCity.
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The test event of new hotlap compo wasn't wery successful for Salo Racing. Buka was 9th among 13 competitors and Oleksa was just 12th. But don't forget that our drivers have very little experience in hotlaps (Oleksa, for example, has never took part in hotlaps before), so our victories are in future.
The race was won by brilliant JR Zullo.
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