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The first race of EEO:S2 was held this weekend in the small town of Grunzhausen. 20 drivers all over the world took their Ferraris here.
And 6 of them were Salo drivers!
Trautman and Oleksa drove for the main team, Pava and Tizio represented junior team of Salo, while Buka and Reckdal drove Ferraris of Salo Sport.
In qualy Tizio was 7th, Buka - 9th, Reckdal -12th, Trautman - 14th, Oleksa 15th and Pava - 19th.
The race (and qualy) was won by brazilian JR Zullo, followed by Murano and Rich.K.
In race Tizio improved his position and finished 6th, gaining the third Saloman of the Race title in three races for Salo. Salo Sport drivers were 10th and 11th, Oleksa and Trautman were 13th and 14th, while Pava's Ferrari 125 didn't allow him to get higher than 17 th position.
In Team Standings Salo Junior is 6th (15 points), Salo Sport is 7th (12 points) and Salo Racing is only 10th (5 points).
See you in two weeks at Capello. Hope to see better results by all Salo drivers. Though in EEO world best drivers take part, but we can beat them!
Просмотров: 1115 | Добавил: oleksa | Дата: 2007-03-20 | Комментарии (2)

The race at Bersiliano was as successful for Salo Racing as the previous race. Our Salo hero Tizio once again took the title of Saloman of the Race, as he was second in this race. Great job, Tizio! Once again streets and squares of Ukraine and Italy were fulfilled with crazy fans waving national flags and shouting "Salo! Tizio! Salo! Tizio!".
Another Salo driver Pava was 13th this time, just 0.01 seconds behind Maurowfsa, who took one point.
In Drivers Standings our #41 is now 1st (congrats!), one point in front of "Flying Finn" Vilkku, who was pretty fast in Bersiliano scoring victory.
In Team Standings Salo is 3rd just behind Russian X Team 3 and brazilian SPFC Racing Team. It seems that Pava should do his best to help Salo to get victory in Team Standings second season in a row.
So, waiting for Tizio to get "Salomaster" title in next race!
Просмотров: 604 | Добавил: oleksa | Дата: 2007-03-20 | Комментарии (0)

A short review of several races...
In Bristol Oleksa was 10th both in qualy and race.
In Moscow he was 7th in qualy but couldn't make his car to move at the satrt. In result he was just 12th.
In Laguna Seca there was just the same problem - 12th in qualy and DNS in race.
At Lausitzring there was a misunderstanding with stewards, so Oleksa was just 10th in qualy (instead of 5th place he deserved by the results) and 7th in race (instead of 4th place).
At Elkhart Lake - 11th both in qualy and race.
In Magny Course Buka returned as his car was repaired after big test crash 6 weeks ago... So in qualy Oleksa was 6th and Buka 7th, and in race Buka finished 5th, while Oleksa -9th.
In Drivers Standings Oleksa is now 11th (37 points) and Buka is 13th (22 points).
In Team Standings Salo is 7th (59 points).
Просмотров: 578 | Добавил: oleksa | Дата: 2007-03-20 | Комментарии (1)

The 7th season of BV Hotlap is over.
In the last race of the championship our driver Robylu was 5th, but in the Final Standings he is 4th having 38 points just after Iceman, BenjaminVilleneuve and Reckdal.
There are some problems in Final Standings with Robylu's victory in Mondega given to Reckdal and I can not explain that, but nevertheless Robylu became the Saloman of the Championship, as our second driver Buka because of some problems has only 2 points and 11th place. In Team Standings Salo Racing thanks to Robylu became 4th.
Congrats to our fast Italian teammate.
Просмотров: 580 | Добавил: oleksa | Дата: 2007-03-04 | Комментарии (1)

The first race of GRC Season 6 was very successfull for Salo Racing. There were 24 competitors at the Helena circuit, but our new driver from Italy Tizio managed to finish at the 2nd place. Thousands of people celebrated his podium all night long both in Ukraine and Italy. It seems that we have a new Salo hero :) And don't forget about the title of Saloman of the Race for Tizio in his first race in the team!
Our veteran pilot Pava was 18th this time. There is nothing strange - he didn't take part in racing for some time, but we know that he is able to win races.
All Salo fans are waiting for the next race in GRC and for new bottles of champagne in the hands of our drivers.
Come on, Salo pilots! We know that you are the best!
Просмотров: 563 | Добавил: oleksa | Дата: 2007-03-04 | Комментарии (0)

The first race of GRLMS was hold this weekend in Interlagos. Team Salo Racing brought its Dodge Viper and three pilots to Brazilia in order to win.
But there were 9 more teams that wanted the same thing.
At the start there were 4 LMPs and 6 GT cars.
Oleksa drove the first stint and he was not so good, as Raska (Team Esperanza) and Reckdal (Unity Works) were much better. After stint 1 it was more than a minute between Unity and Salo.
Then Trautman took the steering wheel in his hands and he managed to be second among GTs and to decrease the gap between Unity and Salo to 6 seconds. But the race stewards were sure that Salo's Viper was not fully legal at stint 2 and they gave our car a 15 seconds penalty.
The third stint was driven by Buka. Though he was the best among Salo drivers and got a Saloman of the Race title, but it wasn't enough to beat Unity.
So, Salo finished 7th in General Standings and 3rd in GT Standings 11 secs behind Unity Works. We consider that it is a great success, but we can race much better, so our Dodge Viper is now prepared by our crew to the next race in Sebring in April.
Просмотров: 587 | Добавил: oleksa | Дата: 2007-03-02 | Комментарии (0)

In the World Ranking Salo Racing is now 24th among teams (1845.73 points).
Salo Racing took part in 57 events (3 victories, 10 podiums, 23 top 5, 53 top 10, 2 best laps) and 5 championships.
5 drivers drove Salo's cars:
- 1°) Buka (UKR) : 754.01 points, 46 events, 2 victories, 7 podiums, 14 top 5, 28 top 10, 2 best laps, 2 DQ.
- 2°) Oleksa (UKR) : 554.18 points, 25 events, best result : 6°, 9 top 10.
- 3°) Trautman (ITA) : 319.28 points, 12 events, best result : 18°.
- 4°) Pava (UKR) : 136.81 points, 14 events, best result : 4°, 4 top 5, 9 top 10.
- 5°) Robylu (ITA) : 81.45 points, 7 events, 1 victory, 3 podiums, 5 top 5, 7 top 10.
Просмотров: 739 | Добавил: oleksa | Дата: 2007-03-01 | Комментарии (0)

The last three races of the championship were really hard for the team. In Dover and TriOval only Trautman and Buka took part because of technical problems with Oleksa's car. Buka was penalized both times and Trautman have won the title of Saloman of the race twice! In the last race all the three drivers were on the start. Tinnywille circuit was lucky the most to Buka as he placed 17th while Oleksa was 20th and Trautman was 26th. So, Buka has won another title of Saloman of the race.

In the final standings Trautman has the highest position in the team as he is 21st with 1430 points and 12 races made. He has won the title of Saloman of the championship! Buka finished the champ at the 24th place with 1346 points and 11 races. Oleksa was only 29th with 1134 points as he made only 9 races.

Salo Racing made its first GRASCAR season on the 7th place with 3910 points while their main competitor Team Heavy Metal (Ozmont , Jimmy, Kory Miller) got 4204 points.

In Rookie standings Trautman has 5th place, Buka - 6th and Oleksa - 8th.

It is interesting to notice that all the three drivers have won the title of Saloman of the race 4 times per driver.

Просмотров: 709 | Добавил: Buka | Дата: 2007-02-23 | Комментарии (1)

Salo Racing will take part in this championship. The team will consist of Salo foundator Pava(#666) and very talanted racer from Italy Tizio(#41). Frendship between Ukraine and Italy in our team becomes more powerful. Good races for you Salo members!
Просмотров: 626 | Добавил: Buka | Дата: 2007-02-14 | Комментарии (1)

There were three races in the champ last two weeks. In Daytona Oleksa was Saloman of the race with 8th place at finish (11th place in qualification), Buka was 12th both in qualy and race.
In Le Mans Buka was much better with 6th place at finish (9th in qualy) and recieved the title of Saloman of the race while Oleksa started and finished th race at 13th unlucky place.
In Australian city Adelaide Buka qualified 13th, but he couldn't start because of breakage of the car. And Oleksa, who started 8th and finished 9th, have won the title of Saloman of the race.
In team standing Salo Racing has comfortable 6th place with 33 points. In Drivers standings Oleksa has 21 point like Reckdal and SPFC, but have only 11th place, worse than they. Buka has 12 points and 13th unlucky place.
Просмотров: 683 | Добавил: Buka | Дата: 2007-02-05 | Комментарии (2)

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